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Touch7 was recently awarded a coveted Vanguard Breakthrough Award
at PRINT 18, CHICAGO – The Vanguard Breakthrough Award recognises products and services that advance an existing technology or process, pushing the boundaries of what products in the category can accomplish.
Touch7 is a range of Photoshop plugins, palettes and software for digital and analogue print engines, enabling users to design and print within the maximum gamut of the device.

The developments by ink companies, print engines, RIP manufacturers and ICC profiling tools has been extensive over the past years, however, no one has really focused on the necessity for providing creative tools for designers, so that they can utilise these developments and reduce their cycle time to production. Touch7 was developed as an intuitive system that would help brands, designers and printers alike, to utilise extended gamut printing at a fraction of the time and cost associated with doing manual processing, and without the necessity to send your files through a dedicated colour separation system, therefore opening up ECG printing to even the smallest print shop. The true power of Touch7 lies in it’s powerful plug-ins and palettes for Adobe CC, ensuring that designers can create artworks in an extended colour gamut, without ever having to leave the familiar creative environment.
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