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Touch7 Photo Neon™ is a Photoshop plug-in that uses proprietary separation technology to automatically isolate and extract out neon fluorescent colours from your images – and all at the touch of a button!
Touch7 Photo Neon plugin works intelligently at the pixel level, automatically isolating and separating out only the cyan, magenta and yellow components of your image. The end conversion adds up to three additional neon fluorescent spot colours to the users original image format – For example, if you have an RGB image and convert using Touch7 Photo Neon, you will end up with your RGB image plus up to three neon fluorescent spot colours.

Note: Touch7 Photo Neon does not require ICC profiles to extract the desired separations – our proprietary separation algorithms calculate the effect based on the original source pixels.

The image below was processed using one of the
Touch7 Photo Neon presets, with no image masking required.
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Original RGB image
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Touch7 Neon separations
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Touch7 enhanced image
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Colour coded “
One Click” Buttons

Single colour touch plates – Generate ONE additional touch plate to boost an individual colour group

Two colour touch plates –
Generate TWO additional touch plates E.G. Neon Pink & Yellow

Three colour touch plates
– Generate THREE additional touch plates E.G. Neon Blue, Pink & Yellow

(Source Image Colour Removal) – Removes the equivalent spot colour hue from your source image.

With Touch7 Photo Neon, you can extract out just the required neon fluorescent colours from your images. For example, you may have an image whereby you only want to boost the Pink and Yellow colours, leaving the blues untouched – in this instance, you would use one of the “TWO COLOUR” touch plate buttons.