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Touch7 Photo™ is a Photoshop plug-in that uses proprietary separation technology to automatically isolate and extract out extended colour gamut colours from your images – and all at the touch of a button!
Increasing the printable colour gamut enables a wider range of colours to be achieved by adding custom inks to a standard CMYK ink set. Whilst extended colour gamut (ECG) printing has been around for many years, it is often out of reach to many printers due to the high investment cost of purchasing a dedicated colour separation system.

Unlike other ECG systems that employ the use of a destination/press profiles to separate images, the Touch7 Photo plugin works intelligently at the pixel level, automatically isolating and separating the desired touch plates for extended colour gamut printing. The end conversion adds up to three additional spot colours to the users original image format – For example, if you have an RGB image and convert using Touch7, you will end up with your RGB image plus up to three spot colours. Once a file has been processed using Touch7 Photo, the user then converts the Touch7 Photo image to their in-house press profile. Note: Touch7 Photo does not require ICC profiles to extract ECG separations – our proprietary separation algorithms calculate the effect based on the original source information.

The image below was processed using one of the Touch7 master presets, with no image masking required. Notice how only colour groups that can benefit from an ECG ink set are targeted by the Touch7 Photo algorithms – All other colour groups, such as yellows, magentas and light cyans, are excluded, ensuring ECG inks only effect those colours true to an extended colour gamut.
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Original RGB image
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Touch7 ECG separations
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• Colour coded “
One Click” Buttons
• Single colour touch plates – Generate ONE additional touch plate to boost an individual colour group
• Two colour touch plates – Generate TWO additional touch plates E.G. Red & Blue
• Three colour touch plates – Generate THREE additional touch plates E.G. Orange, Green & Violet
• SCR (Source Image Colour Removal) – Removes the equivalent ECG colour hue from your source image.

With Touch7, you can generate extended colour gamut images for printing up to seven colours. For example, you may have an image whereby you only want to boost the Orange and Green colours, leaving the blues untouched – in this instance, you would use one of the “TWO COLOUR” touch plate buttons.
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Touch7 Photo has two primary functions for adding saturation plates to an image – A user can either selectively add individual touch plates, or apply a master two or three colour preset to an image for printing CMYK plus XYZ spots (where XYZ are either OGB, OGV, RGB or RGV spot separations).

Boosting specific colour groups within an image
Separate and print your images using individual touch plates. E.G. Using the Spot Orange touch plate button will only target the red/orange hues within the image, resulting in an image to be printed using CMYK plus Orange.

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Original image
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Touch7 | Orange Touch Plate
2 or 3 colour presets
ECG presets for printing up to seven colours - CMYK plus your chosen ECG separations.

Note: Only colour groups that can benefit from an ECG ink set are targeted by the Touch7 Photo algorithms. All other colour groups, such as yellows, magentas and light cyans, are excluded, ensuring ECG inks only affect those colours true to an RGB extended gamut.

The image below was separated out to be printed using CMYK plus OGB printing plates.

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Original CMYK image
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Touch7 | CMYK plus Orange, Green and Blue
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