Touch7 Vector™ is a palette of colours created in an Extended Colour Space and based on a spectrum of colour. Touch7 extended gamut colour palettes are predefined and span a fully chromatic ECG sequence.

Using intelligent colour palettes, designers can now create artworks in an extended gamut, match Brand ID colours, and all within the familiar Adobe environment.There’s no complex software to learn, no prerequisites to send your files to a printer with specialised separation technology – Instead, Touch7 is open source, working at the design level and using WYSIWYG colour palettes – Artworks may be freely output or saved from Adobe CC and sent to any printer, anywhere!


Mac & PC compatible (Requires Adobe Illustrator CC or higher)
Simple “One Click” Extended Gamut Colour Palettes
Match Brand ID Colours*

* Brand ID Colour Matching is based on the printable gamut of your device.