Touch7 Photo ECG
Unlike other ECG systems that employ the use of a destination/press profiles to separate images, the Touch7 Photo ECG plugin works intelligently at the pixel level, automatically isolating and separating the desired touch plates for extended colour gamut printing. The end conversion adds up to three additional spot colours to the users original image format – For example, if you have an RGB image and convert using Touch7, you will end up with your RGB image plus up to three spot colours.

The image below was processed using one of the
Touch7 master presets, with no image masking required. Only colour groups that can benefit from an ECG ink set are targeted by the Touch7 Photo ECG algorithms – All other colour groups, such as yellows, magentas and light cyans, are excluded, ensuring ECG inks only effect those colours true to an extended colour gamut.
Stacks Image 695561
Original RGB image
Stacks Image 695566
Touch7 ECG separations

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