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Print in an extended colour gamut using the Ricoh Pro Series presses and Neon Pink and/or Neon Yellow.

The Touch7 Neon™ Colour Guide system enables printers, brands and agencies to design and print vibrant neons, deep luxurious tones and subtle pastels. The Ricoh edition of the Touch7 Neon™ Colour Guides are printed and manufactured under licence by Ricoh Europe PLC.
For more information and to purchase the neon guides, please contact your local Ricoh representative.

The Ricoh Edition contains four neon guides, two for neon pink and two for neon yellow:

SCR Colour Guides: SCR (Source Colour Removal) is where the source colour (in this case, process Magenta or Yellow) is removed and replaced with either Neon Pink (replaces process magenta) or Neon Yellow (replaces process yellow).

Overprint Colour Guides: The overprint colour guide has Neon Pink/Yellow printed on top of the CMY, to increase the saturation of colour.

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Fedrigoni and Ricoh choose Touch7 Neon
The Touch7 Neon Colour Guide system was chosen for the coveted Fedrigoni 365 calendar for 2021. A technically challenging 365 page calendar done in variable data. Seeing is believing, check out the video below for more information.

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